Heal. Love. Live.
Because life matters.

Child, Adult, Family, & Couples Psychotherapy

in Raleigh NC

We help anxious kids, frustrated parents, distant couples…
… and just about everyone else.
Counseling in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

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Welcome to
Vida Counseling.

We're glad you found us. We're a group of licensed professional counselors who specialize in helping people like you find your path in life and be at peace with who you are.

Do you feel overwhelmed, tired, lost, and maybe a bit embarrassed? Have you tried to manage on your own for quite some time, but are stuck?

Congratulations on finally considering some support. It takes a lot of courage to ask for help. It often takes time, too.

Life is always full of challenges—little trials that add up. You think you should be able to handle them. You take a rational inventory of the troubles you face. Each one, by itself, is no big deal. However, together they've become a big deal to you.

With our diverse staff, we can talk in English, Spanish, or Portuguese while exploring the things you’re going through to come up with strategies that help you get back on track.




Our therapists' areas of expertise include:

  • Trauma - helping clients feel better, manage their symptoms, and heal from  traumatic experiences.
  • Anxiety - helping clients who experience overwhelming anxiety learn stress management and coping techniques.
  • Depression - helping clients who experience depression find hope and live healthily again.
  • Relationships - helping clients find and keep healthy, loving, sexual, reciprocal, adult relationships.
  • Parenting - helping parents enhance and implement a parenting and relationship approach to meet their child’s emotional and behavioral needs. 
Dr. Portela , Vida Counseling's Director

Dr. Portela, Vida Counseling's Director