Do you find yourself feeling  any —or  all —of these?

Do you find yourself feeling any—or all—of these?

Are you a new LPCA in NC? Are you anxious about your career? Wondering how to launch it and bring your purpose of helping clients to life? Frustrated that no one in graduate school taught you the nuts and bolts of a profitable successful clinical practice? You are not alone. 

Dr. Heloisa Portela has helped several LPCAs and pre-licensed therapists find their successful career paths, psychotherapy orientation and style, and build profitable clinical practices. She offers clinical supervision to LPCAs and those aspiring to become RPTs. She also runs groups specific for LPCAs and those new to private practice, as well as groups for more seasoned therapists.

“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do” - Dr. Benjamin Spock

“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do” - Dr. Benjamin Spock

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Dr. Portela enjoys providing individual and group supervision to counselors working toward their counselor licensure or their certification in play therapy. She has experience providing clinical supervision to counselors serving children, adults, couples, and families in diverse settings. She offers new therapists, as well as seasoned mental health professionals, opportunities for case consultation and professional training in play therapy, sandplay, couples counseling, group work, and human sexuality.

Dr. Portela works from a developmental framework of supervision. She believes that supervisees change and develop as they progress through their clinical experiences. Supervision is a dynamic and collaborative process that helps professionals refine their skills, their professional identity, and grow their counseling practices.

Dr. Portela’s theoretical framework for counseling and supervision practices is integrative in nature. She selects concepts and methods from a variety of theoretical orientations, depending on which is most applicable to the situation.

Dr. Portela’s counseling approach is founded in the psychoanalytical/psychodynamic perspective that assumes people’s needs for connection/attachment, intimacy, and relationships. Just as a secure attachment facilitates a child's development, a trusting relationship between supervisor and supervisee is the foundation for an effective supervisory relationship. She strives to create a non-judgmental environment by genuineness, empathy, and unconditional acceptance of supervisees and clients. It is her goal to challenge her supervisees’ biases and help them develop more effective skills to become the best psychotherapist they can be.

Once we schedule our initial supervision meeting, you’ll receive access to our portal to fill out your initial forms. In addition to those, please bring a copy (originals not necessary) of these items to our initial session:

  • Your counseling license 
  • Your liability insurance
  • Your driver’s license